Finix Consulting Engagements

Rajamanickam a Leading Global Consultant called for multiple root cause analysis consulting in individual capacity as Head of Fact findings. The typical duration of consulting ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

Duration changes based on scope of engagement, availability of resources, forensic analysis data, logs at system and protocol levels.

He has got the best out of People taken Enterprises from nonfunctional state to hardened production state in matter of hours to weeks.

Why Raj is unique ?

Raj has worked in system programming extensively as well as application programming. He can understand the solution from wholistic and granular levels which makes him unique in this space. Very few engineers can analyse things at embedded to application layer logically, functionally and with absolute implementation confidence.

With a sleuth of consulting for the past 11 years Raj had solved innumerable clients problems from Insurance, Aviation, Airports, Infrastructure, Application, Networking, product, security and vulnerability angle.

Success Stories

  • Identify the current system of the worlds best HIPS product and taken it to enterprise class in 5 weeks in London.
  • Identify the new technology approach for a 20 year aging system for a multi Billion Insurance application form management vendor.The entire application was understood with, and a roadmap defined for the combination of the best products and off the shelf suggested.
  • Built a Voice recognition system which can take the place of 90% of call center professionals in 6 weeks time frame.
  • BCP - testing and defining the BCP plans for large airports in record time of 8 weeks.
  • Root cause analysis at packet level for major outages in Enterprise sector covering network, applications and redesigning the entire network

 I  challenge your traditional way of thinking in network, as I see there is a scope of improvement in every network

How it Works

We start by having a video or in person chat. Together we take an in-depth look at your company, your objectives, and what could be restricting you. Together we'll explore how we can help you most & discuss the options available to you. Our whole ethos is about adding value to you and your company, we'll bring in the right people at the right time to help you decide. It's a collaborative process in which we will help you unlock your company's potential.

Technical Skills

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Architect, design, implement, and operate Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service
  • Routing and Switching, Security, Data center Architecture.


  • VeloCloud: VCMP, VCRP, DMPO
  • Routing: BGP, EIGRP, OSPF
  • Voice: SIP, H.323, MCGP, RDP
  • Automation: Python, Bash
  • OS: Linux, Windows
  • Virtualization: vCenter
  • Security: Cisco ASA, Meraki, iptables

Platforms and Applications

Cisco ASA, Router, Cisco Core Switches 1500 to 9000 series, IOS, NXOS
Broadsoft/Broadworks, AcmePacket, Sonus, Ditech
  • Cloud Computing: OpenStack - Keystone, Neutron, Nova, OpenStack Platform Director, AWS - EC2, ELB, S3
  • Development: Python, Ansible, Java, bash, ruby, Confidential C, Paramiko, Netmiko, Request, Django, git, Flask, JSON, Jinja2
  • Orchestration: UCSD, Virtual Network Function Orchestrator, Network Service Orchestrator, REST APIs, RESTCONF
  • Virtualization:: Network Virtual Function, Hypervisors, VSphere, ODL, MANO, SR-IOV, vEPC, KVM, ESXi
  • Networking:: Nexus 7000/9236C/93180, OpenFlow, SDN controller, 7750 Service Routers 7200/7600, Catalyst 65/3850
  • Operating Systems: Red Hat RHEL 5/6.5/7, CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris 8/9/10, Windows R12, Mac OS X
  • Network Management:: NSO, Cisco DNA Center, 5620 SAM, NetAct, Yang, SNMP, NetConf, APIC-EM
  • Hardware: UCS-C240/B, HP Blade servers, HP DL580/380 Gen 8, Sun Server, HP 3PAR/P2000 Storage, Flex Module,
  • SUN Misc: MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, Splunk, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, SDN, Docker, Kubernetes, log management and analysis
  • Storage: CEPH (Hammer), Swift, NoSQL & centralized (NetApp, EMC, Nimble, Pure)