Welcome To Finix

Finix Info Solutions Private Limited an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO / IEC 27001 certified company helps established and growing companies alike by reducing the recruitment lifecycle by automating and bringing all the recruitment process online and accessible by mobile. It brings in all kinds of automation to reduce the redundancy and boring aspects of repeatable job and bring in saneness to the entire recruitment cycle. Most recruiting software is so clunky and cumbersome that people often relapse to using email and spreadsheets. Finix Info Solution intends to change that. We understand that hiring works best when people collaborate and make informed decisions together. Which is why we designed Finix Info Solution to get out of your way and get this job done.

Our Slogan

  • We focus on customers and team, The rest will be under.
  • Good products don't have much things. They do more things, each really really well.
  • It is a complete SaaS based Analytic Engine which gives complete information on your recruitment engine, process, people, vendors, candidates, assessment, and feedback all in a simplified manner.
  • Beauty isn't skin deep. Under the hood matters. We care about code.
  • Work together without bureaucracy and politics. No arm chair generals. Everyone are hands-on!
  • Finix Info Solutions Private Limited helps established and growing companies alike by bringing the world’s first highly customizable assessment platform for companies.
  • Corporate, IT and non IT companies alike, school, colleges, training institutes for these we have 6 flavors of assessment.

Our Vision

Finix Info Solutions Private Limited we are not only building a product, but also a company. The people that work here, their styles and values, and the enviroment they work in - all eventually reflect in the product. It makes sense to pay attention to it. Here are few things we believe in.

We Walk, Sleep, Dine, Procrastinate in Open Source